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Welcome to Success Materials Handling Sdn Bhd, your trusted partner in the heavy machinery industry in Malaysia. With over 28 years of dedicated experience, we have established ourselves as a leading and well-known supplier of heavy machinery in this matured industry.

At Success Materials Handling Sdn Bhd, we take pride in our commitment for excellence and customer satisfaction. Our expertise lies in providing top quality heavy machinery, and we are proud to be the authorised distributor for reputable brands such as Lonking, Longtui, and Hangcha. These brands are synonymous with quality, durability, and cutting-edge technology, and we are honoured to bring their superior products to the Malaysian market.

What sets us apart from our competitors is not just our extensive experience but also our unwavering dedication to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you are in warehousing, manufacturing, construction, logistics, or any other industry that relies on heavy machinery, we have the right solutions for you!

Our team comprises industry experts who understand the challenges you face and are committed to providing personalised service and support. We strongly believe that a long-term relationship with customers relies heavily on the service we provide. ‘Serving Success, Driving Excellence: BETTER SERVICE, BETTER SALES is not just a slogan for us – it’s a commitment to ensure your satisfaction.

As we look back on our journey of over 28 years, we are grateful for the opportunities to contribute to the success of numerous businesses across Malaysia. Moving forward, we remain focused on innovation, customer satisfaction, and continued growth.

Thank you for considering Success Materials Handling Sdn Bhd as your partner in heavy machinery. We invite you to explore our range of products and services, and we are confident that you will find the solutions you need for your business.

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