In this modern age better working environment and protecting the earth, LONKING Lithium-ion battery forklift will be your number 1 choice, available for both electric forklift for sale and lithium forklift for rent options. This particular type of electric forklift is using the latest technology of lithium battery forklift widely considered as the EV Forklift. Lithium battery forklift has tons of advantages that can bring to your company.

We offer lithium forklift for rent with competitive electric forklift rental rates for customers. Lithium electric forklift rental provides a hassle-free solution for customers as all the servicing and repairing are included in the rental and bear by us!

So, why choose a lithium battery forklift?

  • Clean & Quiet Working Environment: LONKING lithium-ion battery forklift does not create emission and huge engine noises. Hence, it helps avoid air & noise pollution to provide a better working environment.
  • Hassle-Free & Lower Maintenance Cost: LONKING lithium-ion battery forklift does not need service as it does not have an engine and transmission, inspection and maintenance every 300 hours will do. Hence, it will save cost in terms of servicing cost in the long run.
  • Better operating effectiveness & effectiveness: LONKING lithium-ion battery forklift is a fast charging forklift as it only needs less than 2 hours of charging time to achieve full charge which can continuously operate for 5-6 hours non-stop.
  • Working in multiple shifts: LONKING lithium-ion battery forklift has the feature of opportunity charging which allows customers to work more shifts per day.
  • Design for outdoor working: LONKING lithium-ion battery forklift has high dust and waterproof level (IP65) which allows customers to use the forklift despite rain and dusty environment.
  • Strong Working Performance: LONKING lithium-ion battery forklift can achieve high working mode which allows the forklift to have a stronger instant power.
  • High Safety Features: LONKING lithium-ion battery forklift has many different safety features such as turtle driving mode, anti-rollback system, error code and speed limiter to ensure safety when operating the forklift.

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