Success Materials Handling is a one stop solution center which offers a comprehensive range of forklift truck services to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to purchase, rent, service or repair your forklift truck, we got you covered with the best product and top-notch service.

We aim to provide the best forklift for rent solution in terms of sales and rental services. We are the sole distributor of Lonking forklift in Malaysia which is a top brand in Malaysia and available to purchase or rent. We guarantee to provide high-quality forklift truck that meets and exceeds your expectations. Our experienced and knowledgeable salesperson will set appointments to understand better about your requirements and provide the best solutions for you.

Moving on to forklift rental, we aim to bring a hassle-free solution to customers. Hence, our forklift rental package is designed to suit your operations with flexible forklift rental options and rental period. Whether you are planning to rent a reconditioned forklift for short-term period or a brand new forklift for a long-term period, we provide the flexibility and convenience you need.

Regarding purchasing a forklift, it depends on different industries, applications and forklift price. We do provide different types of forklift for sales, ranging from diesel to lithium battery operated forklift offer in different forklift price are used in different segments such as construction sites, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, producing and more. Our forklift excels no matter transporting loads, moving in tight spaces, stacking pallets and many more environments with competitive forklift price.

Finding and choosing the best forklift truck solution is not an easy task. Contact our salesperson today to have a better understanding of your requirements and decide on the best forklift solution!

Why choose Success Materials Handling?

  • Exceptional Service: Our company slogan is “Better Service, Better Sales”. This shows that we take pride in delivering the best service to our customers. Our team will work our best to meet the expectations and needs of every valuable customer.
  • Top Brand: We are the sole distributor for the brand – LONKING which is a TOP 3 brand in China and well-known worldwide. We believe that our forklift is built to last and perform tremendously in every job scope.
  • Affordable & Competitive Forklift Price: We have different types of forklift for sales or rental ranging from brand new to reconditioned, diesel or battery type forklift truck to choose from. Affordable and competitive forklift price to meet different customer budget.
  • Hassle-Free: Our forklift rental options provide you the flexibility and our sales offers free services for a certain period of time. Hence, customers can be hassle-free when looking for forklift for rent.
  • Variety of Applications: We have different models and specifications of forklift to choose from in order to ensure customers find the perfect and best solution for them.

To conclude, Success Materials Handling will be your trusted partner when you’re looking for forklift rental or purchase in the near future. Contact us today to learn more about it!