Work efficiency & productivity
– 32% increase in energy efficiency with
EHPS (Electro Hydraulic Power Steering) system application
– Powerful and precise driving performance of
dual drive motors
– Vehicle performance optimized for various working conditions
– Directional & horn switch on lever (OPT)
– 2 Door bolt on type cabin (OPT)

Durability & reliability
– Stiffer drive unit input shaft
– Dual micom with improved data processing reliability :
ZAPI Controller
– Semipermanent Oil Cooled Disc Brake
– IP43 Motor & IP65 Controller

– EHPS (Electro Hydraulic Power Steering)
– Automatic deceleration in
travel speed when turning (at curve)
– Prevention of rear roll back when
restarting after ramp stop
– Maximum driving speed setting
– Operator presence sensing system (OPSS)

Easy management
– Self-diagnosis of electric system failure
– Durable Continental solid tire
– Brake fluid level sensing system