Good Heat Dissipation
Cooling system is reasonable optimizaed, which improves cooling performance significantly.Thus improving reliability and durability of key components such as gearbox and engine.

Lowering Energy Consumption
Optimized design of load sensing hydraulic system reduces vehicle fuel consumption Effectively.

Operating Comfort
Adopted interactive ergonomic design to improve operating comfort. Equipped with wide field of view mast to improve driver’s field of view.

Intelligent Reversing
Electro-hydraulic Reversing System. Easy to operate and labor-saving. Upgrade new intelligent shift system, prevent the second gear starting, ensure reliability of gearbox.

Convenient Maintenance
Interior space of car body is more spacious Parts Positions are more reasonable. Opening angle of hood is increased to 80°. Maintainability of machine is better.

High Reliability
Strength of the core structural parts of car body, mast and hood has been enhanced greatly to make whole vehicle more solid.